Management Education Alliance Formalizes Support for PhD Pipeline Program

The Management Education Alliance (MEA) voted to formalize its support for the PhD Pipeline Opportunity Program, during its 2016 annual meeting held in St. Louis, Missouri.  The MEA is a consortium dedicated to fostering professional growth development among business educators at selected universities.

Barron H. Harvey, Dean and Endowed Professor, Howard University School of Business

Howard University’s Dean Barron H. Harvey supports the PhD Pipeline Opportunity Program.

Dr. Barron H. Harvey, Dean and Endowed Professor of Howard University School of Business, discussed  the importance of the PhD Pipeline in preparing undergraduates for doctoral studies and careers as business school faculty.  Dr. Harvey is Chairman of MEA’s Board.

The Management Education Alliance is  a partnership of Minority Serving Institutions, business corporations and several recognized graduate business schools.  The Alliance supports the professional growth of faculty members; innovations in curriculum design, pedagogy;  and related activities pertinent to the preparation of graduates with the competencies necessary for successful business careers.

MEA universities were among the original supporters of the PhD Pipeline Opportunity Program.  Several students from MEA schools won admission to the PhD Pipeline Summer Institutes,  and MEA faculty were among the educators invited to make presentations.  For example, Dr. Edward L. Davis, Dean of Clark Atlanta University’s  School of Business  and Executive Director of MEA,  attended 5 of the 6 PhD Pipeline Partners Workshops.   Dr. David Wooten of the University of Michigan, Dr Marcus M. Stewart of Bentley University and others were among the MEA faculty members who presented at Summer Institutes  and/or participated in the Partners Workshops.

In addition,  PhD Pipeline Director,  Dr. Lucy Reuben, was invited to address the Executive Committee of the HBCU Business Deans Roundtable about the importance of the PhD Pipeline Opportunity Program.  The Roundtable includes the Deans of  nearly all HBCU business programs.  Last year, Dr. Reuben gave a presentation about the PhD Pipeline Opportunity Program at the 2015 meeting of the Roundtable, held in New Orleans.

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