Selection criteria

Scholars Lorena Lizarraide (Florida International Univ) and Kenya Desulme (Univ of South Florida)

Attracting qualified, motivated minority students is critical to the success of the PhD Pipeline Opportunity Program (PPOP).  Given this, faculty and other university administrators specializing in career assistance should focus on identifying students who stand to benefit most from the preparation offered by the Program.

The profile of the student for the PPOP program is very similar to that of any student who wishes to attain a terminal degree.  PPOP is looking for students with high academic ability as measured by success in college, dedication to study, active participation in research experiences, analytical skill, communication proficiency, and creativity in academic endeavors.    The academic record should reflect the propensity for concentrated study and contain courses demonstrating ability in courses (especially in the quantitative area) important to the study of business.  A specific major is not necessary, but there should be some indication that the student has shown an interest in in business-related topics or research.  Consideration should be given to summer activities, as summer experiences are useful guides in a student’s decision making.  Relevant school projects and engagements are useful in evaluating skill and interest.

“I got assigned a 10 page literature review on any topic of my choice, while other students moaned and grumbled, I, for the first time since I started college felt secure, confident and ready to tackle the beast. I thought of multiple topics on the car ride home, how to structure it and how to research it. All these wonderful feelings of confidence all stemmed from you and the program and everyone involved. It makes a big difference when I know that I can not only research a topic correctly but write about it and not panic. The pride I have taken and continue to take when I tell anyone about this program shows through the beaming smile on my face, and believe me I have told many about it.”

Lorena Lizarralde
Your only hospitality major in the bunch 🙂